About Marcello Tech

Marcello Tech is a technical training and design solutions company that was founded in February 2016. Some of the technical training domains include Machine Learning, Deep Learning, IoT, Embedded Systems, Robotics, Android Development, Open CV, Python, VLSI, Image Processing, Network Security, Power Electronics, Power Systems, Renewable Energy, Big Data, and Data Science. These technologies, on the other hand, are often designed and implemented individually. As a result, they each run on their own platform.

On the other hand, these technologies are frequently developed and implemented on a one-to-one basis. As a result, they each have their own set of skills and areas of expertise

Our objective is to provide members and their clients with the most up-to-date information and professional facilities offered from anywhere at any time.

The technical assistance in training and project work is at the heart of our company's portfolio. Students from a number of different disciplines, including Engineering, Diploma, Arts & Science, come to us for our technical and training support with their project coursework, and we help the students to meet their objectives.

Our project training includes fundamental classes, hardware-oriented training, and report support, as well as acceptable technical outputs in the fields of Electronics, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Diploma graduates.

Company History & Objectives

Marcello Tech has been expanding its academic activities at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels since its founding two years ago in Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India. Salute its dedicated R&D team for these enormous accomplishments, which include creating its own campuses in major Indian cities, establishing a dedicated team of professionals for article publication in various journals, and much more in such a short time.

The major purpose is to provide collaborative learning support for students, staff, and participants in general in order to help them become more tech-savvy, creative, and active participants in the development of technology solutions. The major purpose is to assist faculty members from many disciplines in publishing articles in various publications in accordance with university regulations and needs.

Vision & Mission

Our major aim has to become a favorite channel of rapid communication among integrative science technical professionals.

Marcello Tech acts as a bridge between Researchers & Academicians by organizing

  • Conference & Events Assistance
  • Scientific Assistance
  • Membership
  • Research Assistance
Conference & Events Assistance
  • International Conference
  • World Conference
  • International Workshop
  • Faculty Development Program
  • Seminars/Guest Lectures
Scientific Assistance
  • Institutional Assistance
  • Professional Assistance
  • Research and Development Assistance
  • Research Consultancy
  • Student Membership
  • Professional Membership
Research Assistance
  • Research Partnership
  • Conference Partnership
  • Funding Support
  • Publication Support